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Baranavichy civil activist suggests liberalization of elections

Baranavichy civil activist Viktar Syrytsa has addressed the city’s executive committee with a number of proposals on the liberalization of the upcoming parliamentary election.

The activist urges the city mayor to: 1) order Baranavichy state-owned TV channel “Intex” to launch a program “For Free and Fair Elections” with the participation of the city’s community representatives and candidates for the Parliament; 2) put an end to the traditional pattern “employer-employees” while forming the election commissions.

“In Baranavichy, just like across the country, the election commissions are chaired by managers of state-owned enterprises and organizations, while the majority of their members are their inferiors. The contract system has made our citizens absolutely dependent of administrations. Therefore, I suggest that the city executive committee enrolled representatives of various political parties (including opposition ones) and public associations. I believe that these proposals can make the election procedures more interesting, and the elections themselves more fair and transparent,” says Viktar Syrytsa.


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