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Why weren’t members of United Civil Party included in constituency commissions of Vitsebsk region?

The party organization nominated 7 representatives to the constituency election commissions of the Vitsebsk region. The appropriate documents were sent to the Vitsebsk Region Executive Committee on 5 July. However, they were not registered.

“While sending our documents by registered mail, we phone to the regional executive committee and asked whether we wouldn’t be late (the nomination finished on 6 July) and were answered that everything would be alright, as there is a duty officer at the executive committee, who would receive the mail even after the end of the working hours on 5 July. However, when we started inquiring about the fate of our documents today, we were answered that there were no officers on duty on weekends and therefore the documents were received only in the morning of 9 July. Our argument that we weren’t late, as the seal on the letter confirms that it had been sent on 5 July, was ignored. We were answered that it is not evidence and “the he correct time is the time of receipt,” said the head of the Vitsebsk regional UCP branch Henadz Anan’yeu.

Vitsebsk UCP activists try to appeal the position of the Vitsebsk Region Executive Committee which refused to register their documents. Meanwhile, the list of nominees with the remark “as of 12 a.m.” could be seen at the committee’s website during the weekend, as if no documents had been received from interested parties after this time. There were no UCP members in this list, as well as in the other one, with the remark “final information”, uploaded to the website in the morning of 9 July.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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