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Malaryta district election commission fails to report on its formation in due time

The voters of Malaryta district (Brest region) have yet been unable to see the list of members of constituency No. 8 election commission, despite the fact that a sitting of the commission was held on 9 July.

The latest issue of local governmental newspaper “Holas chasu” says nothing of the commission’s composition. Meanwhile, it features an enormous article by the CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik entitled “The Formation of Polling Station Election Commissions should be as Transparent as that of Constituency Ones”, where he says that the constituency commissions have been formed.

In a telephone conversation with employees of the sate-run newspaper, local activist of the Belarusian Popular Front Piotar Andryievich learned that the information had not been sent from the constituency election commission.

According to lawyer of Viasna’s local office Uladzimir Malei, the electoral legislation requests that the lists of members of election commissions should be published within seven days after the commissions were formed, i.e. not later than on 16 July.



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