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Political prisoner Mikola Statkevich to run for MP

Mikola Statkevich's initiative groups are being registered in Vitsebsk Province.

Statkevich's groups will be registered in all the 14 constituencies of the province. Most of the documents have already been presented, says Alyaksei Haurutsikau, Stakevich's party member (BSDP People's Assembly). According to him, more than 100 people have joined the initiative group. All election commissions are accepting the group's documents, the group is not getting refused anywhere.

According to Statkevich's party members, the main goal of the campaign is to attract attention to the presence of political prisoners in the country. Let us remind you that Statkevich has been imprisoned since 2010. Nevertheless, the political prisoner has urged the opposition to take part in the election many times.



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