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Baranavichy: parliamentary candidate Charnavus is required to refrain from criticizing local authorities

  • Mikalai Charnavus
    Mikalai Charnavus

Mikalai Charnavus, a candidate for the Parliament running at Baranavichy-Western election constituency #5, presented his electoral program for publication at the state-owned newspaer “Nasha Krai”.

However, the chief editor Mikhail Shubin “insistently asked” him to cross out the places were the Baranavichy City Executive Committee is criticized. The same happened at the printing house “Chyrvonaya Zorka” where Mr. Charnavus was told that his leaflets would be published only after their content is approved by the executive committee.

The candidate appealed the unlawful censorship to the head of the constituency election commission, to the Central Election Commission and the head of the printing house A. Vasilko.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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