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Asipovichy: constituency election commission threatens to deprive opposition candidate of registration

Constituency election commission #89 in Asipovichy blankly demanded that Albert Yaumenau, a candidate from the Belarusian Popular Front Party, presented a note from his job confirming that he was on a vacation leave in connection with the election. The commission threatens to deprive him of the registration as a candidate in the case he doesn't fulfill this requirement.

The candidate cannot present such a paper as he is not a contract employee, but works on agreement as a metal worker for reinforced concrete, being paid each time for the work he does. The commission “doesn't understand” these details.

Yaumenau's rivals at Asipovichy election constituency #5 are a representative of the Liberal Democratic Party Dzmitry Halabokau and the head of the joint Belarusian-British venture “Dakh” Mikalai Kaltunou.
“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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