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Rejected candidate to sue election officials

  • Aliaksandr Solap
    Aliaksandr Solap

Aliaksandr Solap, activist of the Tell the Truth campaign who was denied registration as a candidate on moral grounds, is going to sue the officials of the Central Election Commission and Slutsk constituency commission, the Infa-Kurier regional newspaper reports.

Aliaksandr Solap’s nomination was dismissed on “moral grounds” on 29 August. The denial referred to the nominee’s previous conviction. His appeal was later turned down by the Supreme Court.

“It turns out that a person with a criminal record cannot hold administrative positions in the country,” says Aliaksandr Solap.

According to Mr. Solap, it is not the elections that should be boycotted but the election officials who are involved in election fraud.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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