Праваабарончы цэнтр «Вясна»беларускі хельсінкскі камітэт

Baranavichy students ordered to vote by Friday

Siarhei Housha, observer in constituency No. 5, has received several complaints by students of Baranavichy State University, who are reportedly forced to vote before Friday, September 21.

The students say the order was issued by their curators Natallia Maiseyenka and Hanna Verameika.

“If we don’t do it, we can have problems: they may evict us from the students’ hostel or deprive of monthly scholarships. That is they are forcing us to vote early,” say the students.

Photos: students of Baranavichy State University vote early at polling station No. 21

 “Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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