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Brest and Baranavichy students forced to vote early

Extremely high voters’ turnout has been reported by independent observers at the polling stations of Brest and Baranavichy. Most of the voters are students of local education institutions, Brest State Technical University and Baranavichy State University, say the observers.

According to some of the students of Baranavichy University, they were forced to go to the polls during classes. However, the University’s administration denies the allegations.

801 persons (31% of the total number of electors) cast their ballots at polling station No. 21 in Baranavichy constituency No. 6, says local observer Siarhei Housha. Most of them are students living in university hostels, says the observer.

“We have talked to the students; they admit they were forced to vote early by their curators. We have a recording of the conversation with the names of these curators – Natalia Maiseyenka and Hanna Verameika,” says Siarhei Housha.

A record 431 voters came to the polls in Brest-based polling station No. 32 (constituency No. 3). The overwhelming majority of them were students of Brest State Technical University, say local observers.

The same situation is reported by the observers working at polling station No. 15. The extremely high turnout is said to have been secured by students of Brest State Medical College.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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