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UCP observer ejected from polling station in Mahiliou

Yury Darashenka, observer representing the United Civil Party in Mahiliou, has been deprived of accreditation by head of polling station election commission No. 70 Vera Tsyrkunova.

The observer was ejected from the premises after he received a warning for alleged interference with the activities of the election commission.

Yury Darashenka says he has already lodged a complaint of the incident with constituency election commission No. 85.

“From the very beginning, the commission head told me she would not tolerate my counting of voters’ turnout. She also put a ban on observing the sealing of the ballot boxes. Apart from that, I recorded three instances of students’ being forced to vote early. The voters’ turnout I have registered does not correspond to the official figures. I reported all these facts in my complaints,” says the observer.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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