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Minsk: election commission confirms approves election results without considering observers’ complaints

According to observer Natallia Mankouskaya, the election commission of Hrushauskaya constituency #98 in Minsk approved the results of the local election without considering two complaints it had received from observers.

According to Mankouskaya, the first complaint was filed by a representative of the United Civil Party Zmitser Kavalhin who registered a violation at polling station #246: he occasionally met members of the precinct commission who were holding home voting and proposed him to vote. The observer agreed and gave them his passport. The members of the election commission immediately introduced him into the list for home voting and gave him a ballot without signatures of members of the election commission. Kavalhin left the ballot for himself and filed a complaint to the constituency election commission. However, it wasn’t considered on the election day, athwart the legal requirements.

The second complaint was filed by Natallia Mankouskaya, who observed the election at polling station #243: her number of the electors who voted at the election differed from that declared by the commission.

According to Natallia Mankouskaya, during the commission’s sitting one of its members, a representative of the “Tell the Truth!” campaign Siarhei Vazniak stated that the results of the election cannot be approved before the consideration of the received complaints. He also wrote a personal opinion concerning the work of the commission during the whole election period.

Kavalhin’s and Mankouskaya’s appeals were considered only on 25 September. The former was dismissed and the second was allegedly “taken into account”, says Natalia Mankouskaya.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”


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