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Brest: ex-candidate not allowed to familiarize with materials of the case brought on his request

Aliaksandr Melnik, a former candidate for the parliament at the Brest-Western constituency #1, strives for imposing administrative punishment on the head of the precinct election commission #39 Leanid Valabuyeu who prohibited him from being present during the vote count.

At first Mr. Melnik filed a request for bringing the case to the Brest City Executive Committee. As the latter refused to do it for quite a long time, the ex-candidate had to apply to the prosecutor's office, after which the proceedings were finally initiated.

However, soon Mr. Melnik was informed that the case was dropped. He asked the Brest CEC to give him an opportunity to familiarize with the case materials, but received a denial. As a result, Aliaksei Melnik had to apply to court. He believes that the city authorities purposefully do everything possible to make the head of the precinct commission evade responsibility for the violation of the electoral legislation which created grounds for “falsification of the results of voting”. The ex-candidate believes that the actions of the agency which carries out the administrative proceedings are unlawful and asks to abolish the ruling about the closure of the case.


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