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Ihar Sluchak asks the Constitutional Court to initiate Electoral Code amendment

  • Ihar Sluchak
    Ihar Sluchak

A former candidate for the parliament Ihar Sluchak applied to the Constitutional Court. During the latest parliamentary election he ran at the Homel-Savetskaya election constituency #34. A thorough monitoring was held by the campaign “For Fair Elections” almost at all precincts of this constituency. According to the observers, the turnout was falsified: the real percent was 35, not 60, as reported by the election commissions.

Ihar Sluchak applied to the Central Election Commission, referring to the registered violations of the law, and proposed to hold a re-calculation of the votes in the election constituency. Having received a denial, he applied to the Supreme Court, which turned down his lawsuit with reference to the fact that the law does not provide the possibility of appealing the results of local and parliamentary elections by candidates.

As a result, Mr. Sluchak applied to the Constitutional Court. He reminds that Article 60 of the Constitution guarantees the right to the protection of his rights and freedoms by competent, independent and impartial trial.” He thinks that thought the Constitutional Court has no powers to initiate a check-up of the legality of legal acts (as it used to be before 1996), but it has the powers to make proposals to all state agencies for introduction of amendments and supplications to legislation.
He asks the court to propose the amendments that would allow candidates at local and parliamentary elections to appeal the results at court.


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