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Ivan Kruk files another appeal against the police actions

  • Ivan Kruk
    Ivan Kruk

On 21 September the environmental activists Ivan Kruk and Mikalai Ulasevich were detained by the police. The detainees' apartments were searched, Kruk and Ulasevich were questioned concerning the alleged distribution of illegal electoral agitation matter.

Ivan Kruk has already attempted to appeal the unlawful actions of the police. However, his initial appeal was not accepted. Now it can be attached to the analogical appeal of Mikalai Ulasevich, who was charged with insubordination to the police.

A number of sittings has already taken place on this case. Mikola Ulasevich made some solicitations. In particular, he asked to invite to the trial representatives of the state agency which conducted the administrative proceedings, as well as the prosecutor, who sanctioned the personal search, as well as the search of his car and home. The following sitting was appointed to 4 p.m. on 5 December.


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